Cube 4.x series

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Cube, which is used as performance report explorer for Scalasca and Score-P, is a generic tool for displaying a multi-dimensional performance space consisting of the dimensions (i) performance metric, (ii) call path, and (iii) system resource. Each dimension can be represented as a tree, where non-leaf nodes of the tree can be collapsed or expanded to achieve the desired level of granularity. In addition, Cube can display multi-dimensional Cartesian process topologies.

The Cube 4.x series report explorer and the associated Cube4 data format is provided for Cube files produced with the Score-P performance instrumentation and measurement infrastructure or the Scalasca version 2.x trace analyzer (and other compatible tools). However, for backwards compatibility, Cube 4.x can also read and display Cube 3.x data.

This software is free but copyrighted

© 1998-2019 Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
© 2009-2015 German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH, Jülich/Aachen, Germany

By downloading and using this software you automatically agree to comply with the regulations as described in the Cube v4 license agreement.

Cube Packages

ATTENTION: Since version 4.4 Cube has been split in its components and is distributed in form of four separate packages: CubeW, CubeLib, CubeGUI and jCubeR.

CubeW 4.4.3
High performance C Writer library
Latest Release
MD5sum: 0d9cb76b2baa817a5defa67391b6f193

  • Fixed generation of PDF Documentation.
  • Minor fixes.
CubeLib 4.4.4 1-Aug-2019
General purpose C++ library and tools
Latest Release
MD5sum: e5a6ace1b1b7c07f951f2d1d9283dd23

  • Requires support for the C++11 for the build.
  • Fixed handling of attributes and parameters by the library and tools.
  • Extended CubePL with the support of a custom aggregation operator for the postderived metrics.
  • Do not loose attributes during the remapping anymore.
  • Fixed generation of the documentation.
  • Improved rerooting.
CubeGUI 4.4.4 1-Aug-2019
Graphical explorer
Latest Release
MD5sum: 0394f3a85b1e59a08228670529da503e

  • Requires support for the C++11 for the build.
  • Improved detection of Qt modules.
  • Display attributes in Info Widget.
  • Do not reset zoom level in System Topology Plugin.
  • Various bug fixes in GUI.

Requires : Installed CubeLib 4.4.x
jCubeR 4.4.2 1-Aug-2019
Java reader library
Latest Release
MD5sum: 5cfcef04c4c20b51705d99c2ae425a0d

  • Fixed handling of ghost metrics. They are ignored gracefuly as they are not supported.
  • Fixed issue with 0 bytes metric data size.
  • Minor fixes.
Supplementary packages for download (Comfort zone)
Bundle 4.0
MD5sum : 950127c39b7b647c25e8cae8f6cff4fc
Version 4.0 contains CubeLib 4.4.4, CubeGUI 4.4.4 and CubeW 4.4.3
win32 binary
MD5sum : 1cb6bf4ca63c17fab262a77bca59d938
Contains CubeLib 4.4.4, CubeGUI 4.4.4 and CubeW 4.4.3
Mac OS .dmg
MD5sum : 464ca9939284e1acb4c6299177000a71
Contains CubeLib 4.4.4, CubeGUI 4.4.4 and CubeW 4.4.3
Cube Java Reader (JAR)
MD5sum :3e2b02301b6d05535e0be2cd59539e55
Contains jCubeR 4.4.2
4.5 Release preview ( not an official release)
CubeW MD5sum : f31157c067632f46cbc274fb53a36b81
  • Various bug fixes in library.
CubeLib MD5sum : 8d32f6c8f0075304dfebea9ab353dbaf
  • Various bug fixes in library.
CubeGUI MD5sum : 19fa8e9a313886c40d726d44079692b8
  • "Advisor" plugin.
  • "Scaling" plugin.
  • "Tau2Cube" plugin.
  • Support for client/server setup.
  • Various bug fixes in library.
jCubeR MD5sum : 38db9b95a1c8a2da57acb3ced8e0e74f
  • Various bug fixes in library.
Latest trunk (Developers zone, NO WARRANTY )
CubeGUI i18n
  • Contains *.ts files of actual CubeGUI/trunk and might be incomplete.
  • Use Qt Linguist to add or correct translations.
  • Send updated *.ts files to Scalasca development team and we will be happy to include it to the list of supported languages.



Additional Cube Plugins

With 4.4 version of Cube we provide a set of additional plugins, which can be build and installed additionally to Cube GUI/Library 4.4. Note that they have additional prerequisites, which need to be installed before.

Please note that it is an EXPERIMENTAL development and we do not provide any warranty.
Cube Plugins were tested only on Linux Ubuntu with Qt 5.9.1 and have no documentation so far. Requirements (Score-P, OTF2, CubeGUI or similar) need to be available via PATH.

Plugin NameDateDescription
ScorePion 0.2 10-Sep-2018
Score-P/Intel compiler filter creation plugin
Latest Release
MD5sum: 99e3bd3cecdf1b9a6d70897bd8ed9449

Allows to build/edit a filter file while exploring an experiment and selecting regions or files to be included or excluded in the filtering process. Allows to store the created filter file in Score-P format (.flt) or as an intel compiler filter file (.ifl)

Requires : Installed Score-P ==v4.0 (!)

Blade 07-May-2018
Simple OTF2 trace explorer
Latest Release
MD5sum: 305804fad578b1b6e4e188bd71b9b922

If experimental directory contains an OTF2 trace, this plugin allows to browse it and study communication patterns. Suitable only for small traces.

Requires : Installed Score-P >=v4.0 or OTF2 >=v2.1.1

JengaFett 0.2 10-Sep-2018
Metrics correlation explorer
Latest Release
MD5sum: 07a842a6a1fe9b7ca90457947f03d6fa

This plugin allows to display correlation between metrics as a parallel bar charts distribution across the system tree.

CallGraph 07-May-2018
Call graph display
Latest Release
MD5sum: eb48d4f7084cd5f6c53444eef0677fe4

This plugin builds a call graph based on call tree and assigns the metric values to the edges. Allows to detect a critical calls in the program execution.

Requires : Installed Graphviz

Supported Platforms

The Cube tool set has been successfully tested on the following platforms:

  • Linux (x86, x86_64, ia64, PPC, Power)
  • IBM BlueGene/Q
  • AIX (Power)
  • Cray
  • Mac OS X (x86_64) (10.8 and younger)
  • Windows 7 ( experimental )

In addition, the provided configure options (see installation instructions for Writer, Library and GUI) may provide a good basis for building and testing the toolset on other systems. Please report success/failure on other platforms to the Scalasca development team.