Cube 3.x series

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Cube, which is used as performance report explorer for Scalasca, is a generic tool for displaying a multidimensional performance space consisting of the dimensions (i) performance metric, (ii) call path, and (iii) system resource. Each dimension can be represented as a tree, where non-leaf nodes of the tree can be collapsed or expanded to achieve the desired level of granularity. In addition, Cube can display up to three-dimensional Cartesian process topologies.

The Cube 3.x series report explorer and the associated Cube3 data format is provided for Cube files produced by measurements with the Scalasca version 1.x performance tool (and other compatible tools).

This software is free but copyrighted
© 1998-2013 Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
© 2009-2013 German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH, Jülich/Aachen, Germany
© 2003-2008 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
By downloading and using this software you automatically agree to comply with the regulations as described in the Cube v3 license agreement.


Sources in gzipped tar format
Version Date Description
3.4.3 30-Mar-2013 Latest Release
This bugfix release includes:
  • Improved presentation of multi-dimensional topologies
  • Defining subsets of threads for boxplot statistics
  • Various robustness & usability improvements
Features of previous releases can be found in the changelog.
This package is a stand-alone distribution of CUBE, which is also included in the Scalasca 1.4.3 distribution. In addition, this package supports building shared libraries on various platforms.


Supported Platforms

The Cube package has been successfully tested on the following platforms:

  • Linux (x86, x86_64, ia64, PPC, Power)
  • AIX (Power)
  • Solaris (Sparc)
  • Mac OS X (x86_64)