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3.0 07-Feb-2018

Latest Release

New requirements:


Command line tools

  • Added the command line tool extrap-modeler to create a Extra-P experiment file with input data and models on a shell.
  • Refactored extrap-print to produce a console output of an Extra-P experiment file. Removed the 95% confidence interval from the extrap-print output. Added additional options to get a list of definitions.

Multi-parameter support

  • Added possibility to open set of CUBE files with multiple parameters. The number of parameters can be specified before loading the CUBE files. After a change to the number of parameters, it tries to guess the structure of the measurement directories.
  • Added a model generator for multi-parameter models. Depending whether the experiment contains only one parameter or multiple parameters, the single-parameter model generators or the multi-parameter model generator can be selected for model generation.
  • Several new displays for two-parameter models:
    • A display that plots selected models next to each other in distinct surface plots
    • A display that plots all selected models in the same surface plot
    • A scatter plot that shows for each parameter only the dominating function
    • The dominating model as the surface plot
    • The dominating model as a heat map
    • Contour plots
    • Interpolated contour plots
    • All selected models in the same surface plot with transparent surface and measurement points
  • Added projection possibilities. Thus, when more parameters are available than the display can handle, it shows a orthogonal projection. The user can choose which parameter is shown on which axis and the value for the remaining parameters.

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed Opening of experiment files which contain a model generated with the refining model generator.
  • Allow to pass an Extra-P experiment file to the GUI via command line argument. The file is then opened on startup of the GUI.

2.0 16-Aug-2017 Includes:
  • Created custom GUI in python which replaces the usage of the CUBE GUI with plug-ins.
  • Added command line tool to print the content of Extra-P files to the screen.
  • A refactored version of the single parameter modeler from version 1.0. It requires a manual definition of the model search space.
  • Added a new modeler that iteratively refined its modeling space and, thus, do not need a manual configured modeling space beforehand.
  • Added a custom format to load and store perfromance models.
  • Support for data input via a set of CUBE files contained in a directory. The measurement directories containing the CUBE files need to have a uniform format. The GUI tries to automatically detect the prefix name, the name of the parameter, the parameter values and the number of repetitons.
  • Improved robustness against calltree variations during CUBE data import.
  • Support for data input in a human readable text format.
  • An experiment can contain multiple models. The user can switch between the models, create additional models or delete models.
2.0b 11-Nov-2016 Includes:
  • Refactoring of Extra-P libraries
  • Created custom GUI which replace the usage of the Cube GUI for Extra-P
1.0 20-Nov-2015 Includes:
  • First official release of Extra-P library and executable
  • First official release of Extrapolation plugin for Cube 4.3+
  • First official release of Modelling plugin for Cube 4.3+