VI-HPS Tutorial at Cluster 2010

Sep. 24, 2010: Full-day tutorial covering hands-on with Scalasca, Vampir and Periscope.

This tutorial presents state-of-the-art tools for engineering performant parallel applications on computer clusters with MPI and/or OpenMP. The suite of tools developed by the Virtual Institute for High Productivity Supercomputing (VI-HPS) are introduced, including Scalasca, Vampir and Periscope. The tools support automated and manually-customizable measurement and analyses with hardware counter metrics as well as communication and synchronization overheads. A series of hands-on exercises are included which participants are encouraged to follow on their notebook computers using a provided Live-DVD with a bootable typical HPC cluster Linux environment. This will offer practical experience using the tools and help prepare participants to apply modern methods for locating and diagnosing performance bottlenecks in real-world parallel applications up to the largest scales.