ICPP 2010 Best Paper Award

Sep. 14, 2010: The Scalasca team won the Best Paper Award of the International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP) 2010 in San Diego, California. The award was given to the authors David B?hme, Markus Geimer, Felix Wolf, and Lukas Arnold for their paper entitled ?Identifying the root causes of wait states in large-scale parallel applications?. The work is a collaborative effort between the Scalasca team and Simulation Laboratory Plasma Physics at the J?lich Supercomputing Centre.

Using the new technique, future versions of the performance-analysis software Scalasca will allow a precise analysis of the sources and costs of wait states that occur in the wake of load imbalance.

The article introduces a scalable technique that enables an improved understanding of how the effects of load imbalance, a well-known problem of many simulation programs that prevents them from exploiting the full power of large and expensive supercomputers such as Jugene, slow down program execution. The new approach, which is currently being integrated into Scalasca, will allow more target-oriented optimizations of such phenomena. A copy of the article is available on the right.