Cube 4.x series

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Version Date Description
4.3.5 29-May-2017 Latest Release
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Fix for Qt > 5.7 in Cube GUI.
4.3.4 14-Apr-2016 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • CUBE_DEBUG and CUBEPL_VERBOSE_METRICS set CubePL engine into verbose mode. See installation documentation.
  • Added support for multiple plugin search directories, via environment variable and via GUI setting.
  • Allow to specify colors of the selected item in the tree panel of the Cube GUI.
  • Source code viewer allows searching within the displayed code.
  • Enhanced the start window of the Cube GUI.
  • Report used Qt version in the "About" dialog of the GUI.
  • Improved the Qt detection steps during configuration.
  • Cube tools do not append the .cubex file extension.
  • Fixes in CubePL engine:
    • Support for metric::call::<uniq_name>
    • Fixed segmentation fault if the metric is of type rowwise=false
    • Fixed segmentation fault when trying to call metric::set on unknown metric
    • Fixed crash while referencing a metric in CubePL initialization section
    • "?" within a regex is not ignored anymore
  • Remapper does not unhide OpenMP metrics if no OpenMP regions are detected, but -s option is provided.
  • Fixed a segmentation fault if Cube tries to read a non-Cube file, like .txt.
  • Provide examples of typical Cube files.
4.3.3 11-Dec-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Using ScoreP for GUI and Library instrumentation for the automatic performance benchmarking.
  • Extended list of the environment (CUBE_TMPDIR, CUBE_TEMP, CUBE_TMP) variables for storing the temporary data.
  • Improved performance of the multiplication in CubePL engine (short evaluation).
  • Bug fixes in CubePL engine related to the assignment "=".
  • Manual initialization of a plugin after GUI start is possible.
  • Extended marker API.
  • Plugin can define an icon as a marker.
  • Improved automatic CubePL keyword suggestion while creation of a derived metric.
  • Improved plugins search strategy.
  • Fixed support of "if - elseif (x) - else " construction in CubePL.
  • Added support for comments in CubePL.
  • Fixed bug in "lowercase" and "uppercase" handling in CubePL.
  • Improvd memory footprint of cube_dump and cube_remap2.
  • Use rowwise calls in cube_cmp, cube_diff and other tools.
4.3.2 14-Jun-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Reimplemented calculation routines using loops instead of recursion.
  • Removed Cube Java Reader from the common package. It is being distributed separately.
  • Fixed issue with the ":" in the metric name.
  • Added genericUserAction to PluginServices.
  • Fixed handling of Online Documentation.
  • Improvements in Advanced Color Map Plug-In.
    • Inversion of color map.
    • Storing user defined color maps in settings.
  • Reintroduced "cube_derive" tool in the Cube distribution.
  • Extended status bar. With a mouse click one can inspect a log of recent events.
  • Improved stability of plugins "Heatmap" and "Barplot".
4.3.1 27-Apr-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added control over data load strategy.
  • Added extended color maps.
  • Trees in GUI can be explored using keyboard.
4.3 30-Jan-2015 Includes:
  • Added preloading mechanism into C++ library.
  • Replaced internal container map by vector.
  • Metrics with built-in data type like int or double perform algebra using built-in types. Metrics with complex data type like histogram or scale function perform algebra using general object.
  • Extended Cube API to support row-wise data processing.
  • Extended caching mechanism to support built-in data types and data rows.
  • Added control over I/O buffer size.
  • Added support for parameter-based metric types.
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Extended region definition by "paradigm" and "role".
  • Added plugin infrastructure in GUI. There are two kinds of plugins, context free and Cube-dependent plugins.
  • Reimplemented various parts of GUI as a plugin.
  • Added plugins "BarPlot" and "Heatmap" for the analysis of dynamic performance.
  • Added support of "histogram" as a metric type with a proper algebra.
  • Extended support for "ghost" metrics.
  • Added initial support for Intel MIC (see INSTALL or CubeInstall.pdf).
  • Added calls "env", "cube::metric::set" and "cube::metric::get" to CubePL.
  • Extended CubePL with the ability to redefine operator"+" and operator "-" in the aggregation formula.
  • cube_dump tool exports the data in native R matrix format.
4.2.3 20-Jun-2014 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Various memory leaks fixes in library.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Adjusted scorep.spec file to the new ompregion description "openmp".
  • Examples are being installed now into share/doc/cube/example.
4.2.2 26-Feb-2014 Includes:
  • Implemented aggregation of loop iterations in GUI.
  • Added support for different CubePL engine versions.
  • Added support for Fujitsu K computer.
  • Extended cube_dump utility with flexible call path selection and an additional CSV layout.
  • Support for Qt5.
  • Added to GUI a split of the 1-D topology into 2-D.
  • Various bug fixes as well as performance and usability improvements.
4.2.1 27-Nov-2013 Includes:
  • Enabled zlib compression of metadata.
  • Added support for storing attributes for all metadata items.
  • Improved zooming in topology view (zoom into selected planes).
  • Added multiple selection in topology.
  • Improved selection of elements in system tree.
  • Improved performance of the clusters' expansion.
  • Changed default behavior to build Java reader if Java compiler can be found.
  • Various bug fixes as well as performance and usability improvements.
4.2 02-Aug-2013 Includes:
  • Significant amount of code refactoring.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Support for flexible system tree.
  • Improvements in build system.
  • Extension of cube-config tool.
  • Support for clustering.
  • Improvements in performance of cube_remp2 tool.
  • Refactoring of CubePL engine.
4.1.6 28-Mar-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved Qt library detection.
4.1.5 26-Feb-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added support of scaling behavior function as a performance value.
  • Added support for PGI and SUN Studio compiler (without GUI).
  • Improved export functionality of cube_dump tool.
4.1.4 03-Feb-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved internal architecture of the topology widget to increase maintainability.
  • Improved view of the topology domains.
  • Improved build system, removed warnings and bugs for POWER6.
  • Added cube syntax version check.
4.1.3 07-Nov-2012 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added highlighting schema for Cpp/Fortran/CubePL sources.
  • Improved the detection of the source code place for the source code editor.
  • Enhanced the tool cube_dump. It is able to display flat tree and perform aggregation over threads.
  • Added support for Windows.