Cube 4.x series

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Version Date Description
4.4.3 21-Mar-2019 Latest Release
  • CubeGUI (4.4.3)
    • Fixed diplay of mangled function names.
    • Added a context menu option "Expand next level".
    • Fixed refresh issue if plugin is detached.
    • Added an "expert" mode to display hidden ghost metrics in the Metrics pane.
    • Improved Qt detection.
    • Fixed emission of signals to plugins while multiple selection of elements.
    • Various bug fixes in GUI.
  • CubeLib (4.4.3)
    • Support for >8Gb files via PAX headers.
    • Extended cube_stat output.
    • Removed creation of the topology "Process x Thread [ x GPU ]" in cube_remap2.
    • Extended CubePL postderived metrics calculation.
    • Various bug fixes in library.
  • CubeW (4.4.2)
    • Support for >8Gb files via PAX headers.
    • Minor fixes.
  • jCubeR (4.4.1)
    • Support for >8Gb files via PAX headers.
    • Minor fixes.
4.4.2 10-Sep-2018 Includes:
  • CubeGUI (4.4.2)
    • Improved "Find" functionality.
    • Improved automatic region display in the "Source Code viewer".
    • Fixed serious performance problem if remote X is used.
  • CubeGUI (in internal release 4.4.1)
    • Improved GUI performance for large call trees. Show the number of call tree references in flat tree info.
      Switching between flat and call tree may cause the selection of a large amount of items in the call tree. This will be extremly slow, if more than 10.000 items are selected. The number of expanded and selected items is now limited, the items are marked instead and can be selected afterwards with context menu item "select marked"
    • 'Edit metric' is not disabled anymore, if creation of derived metric was cancelled.
    • Copy selected flat tree values as they are shown in the tree.
    • Renamed configure option --with-debug to --enable-debug to be more consistent with its semantic.
    • Fixed seg fault while selection "Info" for some not-root metric.
    • Provide context information about STN for info window.
    • Made check for updates to comply with the requirements of data privacy rules.
    • Info widget now shows additional information about flat tree items.
      If info context menu item is called for system tree items, the info widget is crerated and detached and the information is shown in a third panel.
    • Improved shortening heuristic.
    • CUBE_DOCPATH accepts urls for the lookup for the online documentation.
    • Show context free plugins at startup
    • Various bug fixes in GUI.
  • CubeLib (4.4.2)
    • Fixed bug in declustering algorithm leading sometimes to the wrong results.
    • Improved generation of the temporary directory.
    • cube_dump tool prints out the call path parameters.
    • cube_remap2 tool creates topology "Process x Thread [ x GPU ] and adds it to the result file.
  • CubeLib (in internal release 4.4.1)
    • Improvements of the tools guide:
      • elaborate purpose and details of missing tools;
      • describe details of the remapping tool;
      • describe syntax of .spec file.
    • Split "tau2cube" into library and an application.
    • Keep order of parameters and attributes.
    • Set metric inactive if VOID.
    • Fixed performance issues in CubeIoProxy.
    • Various bug fixes in library.
  • CubeW (4.4.1)
    • Cleaned up public symbols in library.
    • Minor fixes.
4.4 07-May-2018 Includes:
  • CubeGUI
    • Various performance improvements.
    • Allow an automatic demangling of region names if possible.
    • Improved "Help" display.
    • Improved display of such units as "bytes" or "occurences". Added a human readable format.
    • Improved "Heatmap" and "Barplot" plugins to display variable number of iterations.
    • Improved "Info" display.
    • Improved "Source Code viewer"
    • Improved Plugin tabs organization.
    • Provide "Diff", "Merge" and "Mean" as a context free plugin in GUI.
    • Added "Metric Identification" plugin for comfortable identification of a source of the metric, such as Score-P, Scalasca or Remapper.
    • Added "Sunburst" as a standard system tree visualization plugin.
    • ... for more details see ChangeLog
  • CubeLib
    • One can mark derived metrics as "non convertible" to prevent its conversion into data and as "non cacheable" if their value is runtime dependend.
    • Build system improvements.
    • Documentation infrastructure refactoring.
    • Improvements in Cube Tools.
    • CUBELIB_DEBUG and CUBEPL_VERBOSE_METRICS set CubePL engine into verbose mode.
    • Cube tools do not append wrongly .cubex extension.
    • Fixes in CubePL engine.
    • ... for more details see ChangeLog
  • CubeW
    • One can mark derived metrics as "non convertible" to prevend convertion into data and as "non cacheable" if their value is runtime dependent.
    • Build system improvements.
    • Documentation infrastructure refactoring.
    • Improved detection of zlib.
    • Improved memory handling (enabled during configure if needed).
    • Bug fixes.
  • jCubeR
    • Build system improvements.
    • Documentation infrastructure refactoring.
4.3.5 29-May-2017 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Fix for Qt > 5.7 in Cube GUI.
4.3.4 14-Apr-2016 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • CUBE_DEBUG and CUBEPL_VERBOSE_METRICS set CubePL engine into verbose mode. See installation documentation.
  • Added support for multiple plugin search directories, via environment variable and via GUI setting.
  • Allow to specify colors of the selected item in the tree panel of the Cube GUI.
  • Source code viewer allows searching within the displayed code.
  • Enhanced the start window of the Cube GUI.
  • Report used Qt version in the "About" dialog of the GUI.
  • Improved the Qt detection steps during configuration.
  • Cube tools do not append the .cubex file extension.
  • Fixes in CubePL engine:
    • Support for metric::call::<uniq_name>
    • Fixed segmentation fault if the metric is of type rowwise=false
    • Fixed segmentation fault when trying to call metric::set on unknown metric
    • Fixed crash while referencing a metric in CubePL initialization section
    • "?" within a regex is not ignored anymore
  • Remapper does not unhide OpenMP metrics if no OpenMP regions are detected, but -s option is provided.
  • Fixed a segmentation fault if Cube tries to read a non-Cube file, like .txt.
  • Provide examples of typical Cube files.
4.3.3 11-Dec-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Using ScoreP for GUI and Library instrumentation for the automatic performance benchmarking.
  • Extended list of the environment (CUBE_TMPDIR, CUBE_TEMP, CUBE_TMP) variables for storing the temporary data.
  • Improved performance of the multiplication in CubePL engine (short evaluation).
  • Bug fixes in CubePL engine related to the assignment "=".
  • Manual initialization of a plugin after GUI start is possible.
  • Extended marker API.
  • Plugin can define an icon as a marker.
  • Improved automatic CubePL keyword suggestion while creation of a derived metric.
  • Improved plugins search strategy.
  • Fixed support of "if - elseif (x) - else " construction in CubePL.
  • Added support for comments in CubePL.
  • Fixed bug in "lowercase" and "uppercase" handling in CubePL.
  • Improvd memory footprint of cube_dump and cube_remap2.
  • Use rowwise calls in cube_cmp, cube_diff and other tools.
4.3.2 14-Jun-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Reimplemented calculation routines using loops instead of recursion.
  • Removed Cube Java Reader from the common package. It is being distributed separately.
  • Fixed issue with the ":" in the metric name.
  • Added genericUserAction to PluginServices.
  • Fixed handling of Online Documentation.
  • Improvements in Advanced Color Map Plug-In.
    • Inversion of color map.
    • Storing user defined color maps in settings.
  • Reintroduced "cube_derive" tool in the Cube distribution.
  • Extended status bar. With a mouse click one can inspect a log of recent events.
  • Improved stability of plugins "Heatmap" and "Barplot".
4.3.1 27-Apr-2015 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added control over data load strategy.
  • Added extended color maps.
  • Trees in GUI can be explored using keyboard.
4.3 30-Jan-2015 Includes:
  • Added preloading mechanism into C++ library.
  • Replaced internal container map by vector.
  • Metrics with built-in data type like int or double perform algebra using built-in types. Metrics with complex data type like histogram or scale function perform algebra using general object.
  • Extended Cube API to support row-wise data processing.
  • Extended caching mechanism to support built-in data types and data rows.
  • Added control over I/O buffer size.
  • Added support for parameter-based metric types.
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Extended region definition by "paradigm" and "role".
  • Added plugin infrastructure in GUI. There are two kinds of plugins, context free and Cube-dependent plugins.
  • Reimplemented various parts of GUI as a plugin.
  • Added plugins "BarPlot" and "Heatmap" for the analysis of dynamic performance.
  • Added support of "histogram" as a metric type with a proper algebra.
  • Extended support for "ghost" metrics.
  • Added initial support for Intel MIC (see INSTALL or CubeInstall.pdf).
  • Added calls "env", "cube::metric::set" and "cube::metric::get" to CubePL.
  • Extended CubePL with the ability to redefine operator"+" and operator "-" in the aggregation formula.
  • cube_dump tool exports the data in native R matrix format.
4.2.3 20-Jun-2014 Includes:
  • Various bug fixes in library and GUI.
  • Various memory leaks fixes in library.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Adjusted scorep.spec file to the new ompregion description "openmp".
  • Examples are being installed now into share/doc/cube/example.
4.2.2 26-Feb-2014 Includes:
  • Implemented aggregation of loop iterations in GUI.
  • Added support for different CubePL engine versions.
  • Added support for Fujitsu K computer.
  • Extended cube_dump utility with flexible call path selection and an additional CSV layout.
  • Support for Qt5.
  • Added to GUI a split of the 1-D topology into 2-D.
  • Various bug fixes as well as performance and usability improvements.
4.2.1 27-Nov-2013 Includes:
  • Enabled zlib compression of metadata.
  • Added support for storing attributes for all metadata items.
  • Improved zooming in topology view (zoom into selected planes).
  • Added multiple selection in topology.
  • Improved selection of elements in system tree.
  • Improved performance of the clusters' expansion.
  • Changed default behavior to build Java reader if Java compiler can be found.
  • Various bug fixes as well as performance and usability improvements.
4.2 02-Aug-2013 Includes:
  • Significant amount of code refactoring.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Support for flexible system tree.
  • Improvements in build system.
  • Extension of cube-config tool.
  • Support for clustering.
  • Improvements in performance of cube_remp2 tool.
  • Refactoring of CubePL engine.
4.1.6 28-Mar-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved Qt library detection.
4.1.5 26-Feb-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added support of scaling behavior function as a performance value.
  • Added support for PGI and SUN Studio compiler (without GUI).
  • Improved export functionality of cube_dump tool.
4.1.4 03-Feb-2013 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved internal architecture of the topology widget to increase maintainability.
  • Improved view of the topology domains.
  • Improved build system, removed warnings and bugs for POWER6.
  • Added cube syntax version check.
4.1.3 07-Nov-2012 Includes:
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added highlighting schema for Cpp/Fortran/CubePL sources.
  • Improved the detection of the source code place for the source code editor.
  • Enhanced the tool cube_dump. It is able to display flat tree and perform aggregation over threads.
  • Added support for Windows.